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Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your house to a direct cash buyer like REI Branded Home Buyer may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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Hear what Dick and Cathy say about REI Branded Home Buyer Spokane

How did you like working with Rei Branded Home Buyers Spokane?

Well you we’re very accommodating you know you took in the feelings of the people that you were working with and I would recommend anybody to work with George here. Like I said very accommodating and very generous what they’re telling them and for helping us out, We couldn’t have moved and done what we did if we if George and his company (REI Branded Home Buyer Spokane) had been so accommodating gave us extra time to be able to pack up we’d lived here for 43 years and we had an enormous amount of things and buildings that needed to be moved and the company was really good about giving us the time we would need and gave us a fair price and did completely overhaul of the place which seemed strange to us but it is very pretty it’s very nice and very usable.

So we did make the process pretty?

Easy for us absolutely.

Would you work with us again in the future if you had that chance to work with us?

In the future if you’d like to come to Lewiston sure. Yes we got such a deal there for you George.

Well you know I had bought a house Clarkston WA at one point and the house in Lewiston ID and right across the border so we do buy a lot of houses here in Spokane but we do travel outside of our area every once in a while to help with you know other people.

What was the original thing that made you kind of unsure about working with us at one point like all right before you met us? Was there anything going through your mind or did you kind of just feel, oh these are the right people?

I think that after because we had well our experience with selling a house was very limited and we talked to a few people before we talked to you guys and after we talked to you we felt much more comfortable about the idea of Sell My House Fast Spokane WA and the price seemed to be right at the time, seemed to be good and the terms seemed to be good and so that was it. It all seemed to work you know, for us and you came recommended that was one of the biggest factors. Evette recommended you guys personally and that was a big bonus as far as I was concerned, was that she knew you guys personally and that was a huge recommendation to me Square shooters

Well that’s what we need to do I mean we really want to help you all out we know how daunting the task would be to Sell My House Fast Spokane and you know I’ve been through the house sale a couple times. I’ve done a live in open house and that was just a nightmare. My wife and I will never ever do that again. You know moving out every single day to let people walk through the house. So, yeah it was we try to make the process as easy as possible for everybody.

Was there any specific problem that you needed to solve? Before when We Buy Houses Spokane, was there a specific like issue that needed me taken care of like you needed to find another place to live?

Absolutely so that was why it was such a benefit to us, for you to give us that much time, it was difficult to do. We had to find a place that was a single level and there were few and far between they really are, and so that what that part of it was kind of a struggle. It became difficult and something we’re not after but difficult like you know get our stuff together and get it down there to take care of all that sort of thing, but you guys kept giving us as much time as we needed and that was a real amazing benefit to us that you were willing to do that. So that we were able to get everything we needed to get and move down there.

I think it was like four or five months

Right yes by the time we were done it was almost five months

I thought it was a I thought it was really beneficial for us too because it gave us time to kind of lean into the property just little by little and get to learn the property at the same time. I absolutely love working with you all also it was it was really great. I do have one present for you though and I hope you really really like it did come from this house so we’ll you know I have right here.

Was it my mantle?

Close but I did I did frame it.

That is so cool I tried to take pictures of it so that I would have some memory of it and they didn’t work this is cool this is so wonderful absolutely thank you

Yeah so when I was thinking when I was taking down the wall, I wanted to to just keep as much of this house alive for you as possible so yeah this is all yours I wanted you to take it with you and yeah I hope you hang it up on your wall and enjoy it.

That is amazing because every one of our grandchildren and our kids

I think the kids are marked there too and we even have measurements of Dad and Mom just for whatever comparison

Oh that’s great thank you George that is super.

I was hoping that you all would like this oh yeah I mean when you have your family growing up in a house and you have all their measurements ,you know on a wall I was like there’s no way that we’re tossing this away this is going straight back to you guys.

That’s great thank you very much thank you so much!

That is impressive

It really is, look at the red mark Remy at three 2017 yeah he was just a little guy he was three that’s great thank you very much. Anybody that measures their family growing up over the years they have to keep it.

That’s right the kids used to do that they’d stand up against the wall. Graham would get the pencil and they got a kick out of that to see how much they’ve grown you know

Like I said I just want to preserve history and and thank you so much for for coming here and giving me in our company REI Branded Home Buyers Spokane the opportunity to progress and help

Yeah and I hope that it works that way I really do it’s it’s such a lovely area I mean we’ve lived here in Spokane like I said 40 years and the neighborhood hasn’t changed all that much it’s just a great place to live it’s so close to the schools and some people still have horses and some people even still have cattle and lots of people have dogs it’s just a really great place to live so I hope the people that wind up living in this house and in the back in your developments I hope that they enjoy as much as we get well we’ll preserve as much as we can too as we’re as we’re moving forward great thank you George.

Yeah I thought it would be really cool so yeah you’re most welcome that is

We’ll have to put that up in our new house. So where do you think we’ll be able to put that? We wind up with so much Furniture we’ve been accumulating furniture from old old family people you know a lot of antiques and things and so you got to find places to put things, yeah it’s it’s a struggle

Well if there’s anything that we can do to help you out in future just let me know we’re basically family at this point right? Anything just give us a call will help

Do you recommend like a plumber or somebody you know people that would help us in the house

Yeah I can get a hold of Chance, We Buy Houses Lewiston ID for you and he definitely will have some people to help out

Yeah and of course we know Chance so yeah

Okay yeah Chance definitely has a whole list of helpful people in that area so I mean

Oh that’s right chance he worked out really well for you too. I love Chance he’s awesome.

He did a good job the one thing he told us that sticks in my mind is had a hard time finding out one level’s house with a shop because that was the big deal he said you know I could find you a great place from Sell My House Fast Clarkston WA we said no you got to do Sell My House Fast Lewiston ID and yeah we got to do Idaho so that was the thing.

Yeah Chances is great he’s helped me out with a couple of the houses that we’ve done over there in that area too so I would recommend him

I recommend you REI Branded Home Buyer Spokane

Yeah if there’s anything that you need in the future please let us know

That’s very good too thank you George

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